5 Classic Summer Cocktails

I love a good cocktail.

So much so that I’ve taken it upon myself to organise an entire week in celebration of them this October. Whilst talking to people about Norwich Cocktail Week I’ve discovered that people think of cocktails in very different ways.

My wardrobe is inspired by my interest in history and vintage, but I love to put my own spin on things, and I like the same from my cocktails. I prefer them classic, with an established pedigree, though I’m happy when a good mixologist puts their own twist on things.

My favourite cocktails are generally short, strong, high on spirits and low on mixers. Like Manhattans and Martinis. To me these are autumn and winter drinks. Though they are still delicious when served super cold on a hot summer day, they are best sipped by candlelight in a dimly lit bar while watching rain roll down the windows outside.

Many people, it seems, think of cocktails as more a summer drink. Something long, refreshing, and served in a glass stuffed with ice, and fruit. So today I bring you 5 delicious Summer cocktails, ideal for sipping in a bikini by the pool while peering over the top of your perfect cats eye sunglasses, but that still have plenty of vintage pedigree. You can find plenty more just by searching “Classic Cocktails” on TheBar.com

The Mai Tai

The Mai Tai was born in the 1930s. Don the Beachcomber was a Louisiana bootlegger and bit-part actor who had travelled his way around the South Pacific. Shortly after prohibition was repealed he set up a bar to house memorabilia from his travels and shortly afterwards Trader Vic followed suit and set up a similar bar as the popularity of the Tiki style flourished into the 1940s and 50s. They even went to court to fight over who was the creator of the original Mai Tai, Trader Vic won, but many people still believe that Don the Beachcomber created the original Mai Tai.


Regardless of who created it, the Mai Tai is perfect for tiki lovers, all tropical fruit and rum, get yourself a tiki glass to drink it out of!


The Gimlet

This one has a LONG history, going back to the 1850s. As with most cocktails this old, there is much discussion as to it’s true history, including that it was invented by British Royal Navy surgeon Sir Thomas Gimlette who used it as a way to encourage sailors to take lime juice to combat scurvy.

Some recipes use fresh lime, and others use Roses Lime Cordial, or a combination of the 2, but served really cold it is refreshing on a summer day, it’s definitely one to try for fans of London Dry Gin.



The Singapore Sling

Developed in the early part of the 20th Century in the Raffles Hotel in Singapore, this is a drink that’s around 100 years old! My Mum & Dad have been, they bought me back tea, not cocktails, humph! This is a gin based drink that non gin lovers can enjoy as it’s mixed with several other strong tasting ingredients!

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