A Start on My Autumn Wardrobe and Boden A/W Picks

Last “chilly” season I felt pretty down about my everyday wardrobe.

Everything seemed so drab and miserable and apart from a few nice “going out” outfits I felt pretty rubbish every day. This year I am so determined not to do the same thing, so I have acquired some new bits, put them together with some old bits, and created some good Autumn “every day” sort of outfits to keep me cheerful as the weather changes. It also means I have some nice new outfits to blog, rather than “Retro Chick looking glum in a black dress and black tights”. The first “new to my wardrobe for Autumn/Winter” outfit comes from Boden.

A year ago I’d never given Boden a second glance. Now all of a sudden they’ve become one of my favourite fantasy shopping destinations, and real shopping destination.

It started earlier this year with a pair of nautical stripy leggings I desperately wanted for Roller Derby and could only find at Boden, then there was last weeks Summer dress in Autumn, and now I’m making it part of my Autumn/Winter wardrobe.


Dress & Cardigan c/o Boden ♥ Beret – Topshop ♥
♥ Brooch – Vintage ♥ Tights c/o UK Tights ♥ Shoes – Clarks ♥

I don’t generally like showing off my knees much in Summer, but with Autumn comes opaque tights and I do like to wear shorter skirts occasionally, especially if, like with this dress, the neckline is quite high as I think it helps balance it out a little. There is a L version of this dress too, though, for those that like a little more knee coverage.

I also want bonus points for teaming my vintage leaping tiger brooch. It’s a shame it isn’t a leaping leopard, for the alliteration apart from anything else, but I thought it was at least a big cat and therefore filled my urge to theme and match everything with my leopard hat (which was £1 in the Topshop sale, bargain!) and dress.

Oooh, tell me more……..

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