10 Ways to Beat the Seasonal Blues

The clocks have gone back.

With that seemingly little change comes motivation sapping cold, dark evenings and long, dreary indoor days.


Seasonal Affective Disorder is a properly recognised disease where depression sets in during the winter months, but even without suffering from full blown depression many people feel a bit low and lacking in energy as the seasons change.

I’ve learnt, over the years, to take special care of myself as the seasons change to avoid slipping into a black hole of misery so today I thought I’d share a few ways to avoid that autumn slump and make autumn a time of energy and excitement.

Set some goals
Lets not do anything foolish and set ourselves up to fail. That won’t help. But some little goals, no matter how silly, keep you going, give you something to work towards and keep a positive outlook.
You could aim to wear a different pair of shoes every day in November, drink 2 litres of water a day or buy a pedometer and aim to walk 200 miles before Christmas. Anything to give you something to work towards

Have an “Autumn Clean”
The only reason people do all that cleaning in Spring is because sunlight makes it more visible. Personally Autumn is the time I suddenly start noticing all that dust. Low sunshine and more time spent indoors mean all that clutter becomes unbearable and has a terrible effect on your mental health.
Set aside a day and give your living space a proper good scrub. Hoover under the sofa, throw out all the old takeaway menus and turn the mattress on your bed like you’re supposed to.

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