The Tropical Novelty Print Dress

At the end of last week I was browsing ASOS looking for dresses.

This is not a surprise, I do this a lot, I can never afford to buy any of them, so mostly I just look and dream. But last week I fell totally in love with a tropical novelty print, and it was reduced and there was actually money in my account, so I bought it.

tropical dress

Tropical print dress – Emily & Fin @ASOS ♥ Shoes – Mel by Melissa♥
♥Sunglasses – Derek Cardigan* ♥ Flamingo Brooch – Vintage*♥

When it arrived it was very different from what I was expecting. The “fitted waist” was actually an empire line, sitting just under my boobs, not a style that really suits me, especially combined with a high neck. It was also VERY short, on the model it looks just above her knees, on me it falls mid thigh, which is far shorter than any other dress I own!

Despite this, I’m just in love with that print and I think I can kind of make it work!

Oooh, tell me more……..

Saturday Night (Not) At The Movies

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