Friday Frock Love: Summer Highlights

Well, so far we’ve done ok with Summer.

A few rainy days, but generally lovely sunshine, which means summer frocks galore! Hurrah!

One of the things I spend a lot of time doing for All the Dresses, is, er, looking at dresses. So just in case you missed any this Summer I thought I’d do a quick round up of a few of my vintage inspired favourites in the hope of many more sunny days to come!

Pleated Matilija Dress from Anthropologie

I don’t often look on Anthropologie, I don’t know why, it’s just one of those brands that slips my mind when I’m hunting.

The other day I DID stop by though, and found this gorgeous pleated floral dress. The back has cute cut out details and it just looks like it needs to be picnicking in a field with an orangey late summer days filter on it!

floral anthropologie dress

Broderie Anglaise Midi Skater Dress from ASOS Premium

ASOS, by contrast, is a site I DO look at a lot! Though I don’t get to buy as often as I’d like.

They always seem to have divine midi dresses, just at the point where I have no money, that are sold out by the time I do. *sigh* This one, however, is still in stock. I have my eye on it…..

green broderie

Mid Wash Jessica Dress from Oasis

Thanks to Debenhams I actually have this dress (I’ll show you soon!), but they have limited sizes remaining. There are more on the Oasis website.

It’s denim, but light and cool for Summer, and has a great mix of 50s and 80s style going on.

Oooh, tell me more……..

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