Christmas Starts Here…….

It’s time to take some action.

For some reason this year I haven’t felt that festive thrill just yet. Now, you might not think that weird, seeing as it’s only November. However, I’m normally a person who starts feeling festive somewhere around late October, and it’s only a sense of social appropriateness that stops me spending 20 per cent of the year wearing Christmas tree baubles as earrings and eating mince pies for breakfast.

I like it, it makes the dull and dreary days post Halloween so much more exciting to have something to look forward to.

So today I am taking some festive action to try and kick start my Christmas Spirit.

First up, the Christmas Jumper.

christmas jumper

This particular jumper was sent to me by New Look who asked me to share photos of me in embarrassing Christmas jumpers from my youth. However I think this “everyone in the 80s wore Christmas jumpers” thing is a big fat lie, either that or I had a particularly classy childhood, because I never had a Christmas jumper till I was a grown up. I’m certainly making up for this deprivation now though by obtaining as many items of tacky Christmas clothing as I can. Expect to see Christmas Midi dresses, Christmas T Shirts and yet more Christmas jumpers coming up over the festive season.

In this photo I am wearing my Christmas jumper in the glamorous surroundings of the car park of my local Tesco, where I went to obtain lunch, and Christmas cupcakes.

Oooh, tell me more……..

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