Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Well I’m certainly feeling Christmassy now!

Yesterday was Mummy Chicks birthday, and for the first time in forever I actually got to spend it with her.

Having a December birthday can be a real pain as it’s a busy month for everyone, but this year the opportunity came up and off to Kent I went!

We spent the day at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, so there’s certainly been a little Christmas spirit around!

I didn’t take my camera, so all I have is a few iPhone photos, but I thought I’d share them anyway as it’s a fun way to spend the day and also because I wore my Collectif jumper that I’d been saving up for a Christmas outfit and that ties in very nicely with reminding you to open todays Advent Calendar door, behind which is £50 to spend at Collectif!

So here’s me and my evil twin in our festive Winter Wonderland outfits, waiting for our first (but not last!) Mulled Wine of the day!


♥ Hair Flower – Betsy Hatter ♥ Fur Collar Jumper – Collectif *♥
♥Coat – Heyday! *♥ Boots – Hush Puppies ♥


Winter Wonderland would have been a great place to take my proper camera and take proper photos and show off the amazing jumper with its little pearl buttons, that beautiful Heyday! coat and those gorgeous Hush Puppies that I bought at TK Maxx, but, well, I was having a day off, so I didn’t!

I did eat bratwurst with sauerkraut and fried potatoes and drink plenty of mulled wine. I also got ID’d buying Egg Nog, which made me very happy and I thought I ought to let everyone know that happened. The lady behind the counter made a small squeaking noise when I showed her my passport and she realised I was not only in my 30s, but already on my way to heading out the other side. To be fair I was wearing sunglasses at the time and the sunlight was very bright, so that probably hid the worst of it the ravages of the years, but still, in my head I am taking this as evidence of my eternal youth, regardless of the evidence of the mirror before I put my make up on.

Winter Wonderland is essentially a large Christmas Market and fun fair all in one place. There is an ice skating rink, which I would have had a go on if it hadn’t been for the mulled wine. Some big rides, which I did have a go on, well, one of them anyway, a sky swing, and lots of wooden huts selling ornaments, wooly hats, food and drink.

There was also a bar on a carousel. If you’re short of money and want to get drunk fast then I recommend this bar!

Oooh, tell me more……..

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