Summer Style Bypass

Monday, May 12, 2008

The sun has finally arrived in the UK. After snow at Easter and last years rain we thought it would never come again, but here it is.

Summer heat has a strange effect on British women, just because it’s hot doesn’t mean you’ve suddenly lost 3 stone and that dress you would never have work in January suddenly looks amazing on you. And if you don’t have 3 stone to lose it still doesn’t make going out in little more than
your underwear appropriate or attractive to any one other than inebriated British men with no shirts on (which while I focus my attention on womens fashion is also not appropriate and very rarely attractive. Though I can be persuaded to make the occasional exception….)

So this week the focus is on summer style and staying and sophisticated in the heat.

Lets face it, it’ll be raining again in a week and you want your clothes to be wearable for more than 2 weeks out of a year.

My personal list of biggest summer style no nos:

  • Too short mini skirts especially if you have to wear leggings underneath, if you don’t feel your legs are up to it go maxi
  • Too much make up – it’s only going to slide down your face!
  • Gladiator sandalsĀ – they may be in but that doesn’t make them obligatory
  • Bikinis in the city. – Please, you wouldn’t go out in your bra, oh, actually maybe you would…

So, in my humble opinion what’s the ideal summer outfit?

  • Get yourself a summer dress. make it short, long or somewhere in between, but not low cut and short, one end or the other!
  • Keep it simple, when the heat is on fussy details, too tight belts and elaborate hair dos are going to drive you NUTS!
  • Wear flat shoes, if you are walking around in the heat those stiletto sandals are going to cripple you within an hour. If you want some height, get some wedges or a pair of kitten heels.
  • Add some interest with chunky jewellery, but don’t blind everyone when the sun glints off your bling.

Of course I lay claim to no qualifications that make any of this true. But deep in your heart, you know I’m right……