I’m Still Here……

Hello, I’m here, didn’t want you all to think I’d abandoned you or anything.

I’m going to start this post with a big thank you to everyone for their thoughts and lovely words on my last post about my Grampy. It really means a lot and is much appreciated.

In more bad news my Nana fell on Sunday and broke her (other) hip. I say other hip, as some of you may know she broke the first one 6 weeks ago. Essentially it’s all a little stressy in the world of Retro Chick right now, but the show must go on, as they say…..

So, I thought I’d pop in and update you on my weekend.

Firstly I can highly recommend Avenue Q. If it comes to your city then go and see it, it’s fantastic and I completely forgot my woes for a good hour and 55 minutes, right up until the final song “Only for now” which nearly set me off crying like a girl.

Secondly, my new camera, a fancy pants Canon 550d was delivered, and even though I haven’t worked out all the settings yet I love it. Any photos in todays post were taken with it.

I really wasn’t in the mood for much shopping this weekend, and I really wasn’t in the mood for trawling through boxes of grubby china in the cold, but even so I did accompany Mr Chick to the Arminghall Boot Fair on Sunday morning (late, we didn’t leave the house till 9:30am).

I pretty much trailed around kicking my feet like a stroppy teenager, but a couple of things did catch my eye enough to purchase.

Here we have a gorgeous 1950s Fire-King dinner service. Fire-King is kind of the US version of Pyrex and is very collectible. I think the colour is jadeite. I have a full set of 6 dinner plates, side plates, sundae bowls and saucers, a milk jug, sugar bowl and serving bowl, though there are only 4 tea cups and 3 soup bowls. I bought the whole lot for £10 (which she’d just knocked down from £15, the advantages or arriving late at the boot fair) We also have a 1950s or possibly early 60s cocktail jug and 2 glasses and a coupe glass. I am crazy for vintage cocktail paraphernalia and just couldn’t leave them. I paid £3 and the stall holder threw in the coupe glass for free.

The last thing I bought was these Foster Grant sunglasses. Ideal for looking mean and moody and hiding puffy eyes. I paid £1 I think.

Afterwards I stopped by The Vintage Fair which was at St Andrews Hall, you can read my review of it over on Vintage Norwich. I only stayed about 40 minutes as I didn’t want to shop, but I’d promised the organisers I’d stop by and review it and I wanted to meet up with Lynsey Le Keux who organised the Vintage Salon.

❤ Beret - eBay ❤ Jumper - Gap ❤ Trousers - Lady K Loves ❤
❤ Boots - Hush Puppies ❤ Belt, Mac & Bag - Vintage via Charity Shop ❤

I would like to enter this photograph as evidence that I practice what I preach. If you recall a while back I wrote “The Lazy Girls Guide to Making an Effort”. This is my proof. While I felt distinctly unglamorous next to the beautiful Lynsey it’s not a bad effort for someone who last washed and set her hair on Monday 14th March (8 days and counting), the ubiquitous beret and a bit of a fringe roll hid the worst of it. A bit of powder foundation, eye brow pencil, mascara and lipstick is all the make up I’m wearing and adding a stripy 70s belt makes a boring black trousers and top look a little more like I made an effort.

Those trousers, incidentally, I can heartily recommend for those of you looking for something comfortable yet smart and suitably retro to knock about in, they are the Rosie Trousers from Lady K Loves. They’re high waisted and wide legged, so look the part but they’ve got a bit of stretch so they’re really comfortable and easy to move in. They are officially my lazy trousers, I actually have pyjama bottoms that are less comfortable.

Finally, I went home via big stand of daffodils. My Nana had asked for daffodils in the house when I saw her on Thursday, but she went off to stay with my uncle and never saw them open. Now she is back in hospital I wanted to send her daffodils, but they aren’t allowed flowers on the ward. So I went and took this photo, which I have printed out to send to her in a card.

I hope you didn’t miss me too much, and hopefully future posts will be slightly less rambling and incoherent.

Don’t forget that the competition to win free shoes for a year finishes on Friday, so make sure you enter. I actually got my first pair of shoes from Stylist Pick this morning, and despite a couple of issues with the ordering and selection process the shoes themselves are gorgeous. I shall be trying the service for a couple of months before I review it to make sure it’s a fair review.

See you soon.

9 thoughts on “I’m Still Here……

  1. So sorry to hear about your family. Sending lots of positive and healing thoughts your way.

    Absolutely love the Fire King service. Gorgeous colour! What a bargain.

  2. Fi Phillilps says:

    Good to have you back.

  3. Ah I was just having a nice little read through your posts and up pops Lynsey! How lovely!

    Sending good thoughts for your family xx

  4. What a marvellous idea, taking the photograph to your Nana, that’s so lovely.

    Really love the look of the trousers, I may have to invest. :)

  5. Nice to see you back hon, take care of yourself, and I don’t blame you for not really being interested in shopping right now, however you still found some fab cocktail stuff, damn you!!

  6. Old mother Retrochick!!! says:

    Thank you all for your kind wishes and Gemma the photo is lovely, Nana will love it.
    Gemma’s Mum xxx

  7. So sorry to hear about your grandma. Hope she is on the mend. You sound like you’re having a difficult time. I’m thinking of you.

  8. Sorry to hear about your nan. Thoughts and prayers as ever to you and yours.

    That photo is lovely, it’s wonderful what a neat outfit, hat and fave lippy can do when you’re feeling down.

  9. Glad to have you back Poppet :)