Friday Frock Love: Spring Florals

Despite the doom bringers promising more cold weather to come, I’m relieved to feel a touch of spring in the air.

It promises fresh, line dried clothes, afternoon picnics by the river and, most importantly, lovely summer frocks.

During the summer I don’t necessarily always fancy florals, but there’s something about the arrival of spring that immediately makes me want to wear flowers, specifically big floral 50s frocks with skirts that swish.

So, today I’ve indulged in a bit of fantasy shopping and found the best, vintage, vintage repro and vintage inspired floral frocks for Spring.

Fifties Frock - Tara Starlet – £85

This is a new addition to Tara Starlet, fully lined in a lovely floral blue embroidered cotton.

Vintage 1950s Basket Weave Floral Dress – eBay UK – Current Bid £45

Ends 30th March 23:04.

You’re lucky I showed you this. If it wasn’t for the fact I’d have to amputate important bits to ever have a waist that small I’d be bidding like crazy. Just the perfect 50s floral dress.

Archive Pink Posy Print Cotton Dress - Laura Ashley – £125

Frankly if you can’t rely on Laura Ashley for a good floral print then what on earth are they for?

Smudge Flower Print Prom Dress – ASOS – £65 £48.50

Look, a dress on ASOS that’s knee length on a 5′ 9″ model. With any luck that means a respectable length on average height ladies too. I like the contrast straps on this, a bit of a twist on a classic girly style.

Here’s hoping the nice weather sticks around so we get to wear some….

10 thoughts on “Friday Frock Love: Spring Florals

  1. I love a spring/summer floral frock. Can’t justify a new one this year- I have a fab Matalan one from last year (red roses on cream, knee length, adjustable/removable straps) and a pastel blue one from Asda… not to mention my floral maxi, a couple of charity shop finds and a Poppy Valentine. Upside, plenty of dresses, downside, no money/reason to shop!!!

  2. Fi Phillips says:

    Love the Tara Starlet dress. So pretty and it would hide my womanly hips.

  3. Love these!
    There is definitely something extra special about 1950s frocks!

  4. I love the Laura Ashley one. I am currently researching all of the various options out there before I treat myself to one!

  5. Penny Dreadful Vintage says:

    The Tara Starlet is lush. I need to get a really good, swooshy petticoat for such moments x

  6. Spring has sprung!!! Hurrahs!

  7. Love what you say about the length of ASOS dresses, couldn’t agree more! I really like that last ASOS one you feature, particularly the straps. Spring is here and I just adore floral dresses :)

  8. So happy to see posts about spring floral sundresses. I love dresses and look forward to wearing them again without tights. Feels so cool and free!

  9. gorgeous selection of dresses that absolutely say spring. the washing on the line is my favourite thing, the smell when they come in is unbeatable.

  10. Those are absolutely divine – I’d seen Tara Starlet’s but Laura Ashley and especially ASOS surprised me. Hard as I try I’d never come across a proper dress there! Thank you for your inspired take on frock hunting <3