Vanity Sizing, Vintage, Claire (from Steps) and Living TV

Wanna know where I was yesterday?

I was in London filming something for the actual television with Claire Richards (from Steps!).


I was there to film a small segment on Vanity Sizing and how dress sizes have changed over the years for a documentary on weight issues that Claire is filming for Living TV. The show is due to start on Tuesday 6th September at 9pm on Living, and apparently I’ll be in episode 2 a week later (though my personal paranoia is that I’ll end up on the cutting room floor!)

Claire, of course, gets endless stick from the newspapers about her weight fluctuations, but I can exclusively confirm that she’s a completely normal size for a human being with an actual life who doesn’t want to spend 14 hours a day in a gym and likes to eat actual food. She was also very nice. So there, I hope that settles it.

Also, I like that the picture of us looks like we’re being all exciting camera angles and zany, when what actually happened is we tried standing sensibly next to the mannequin and broke it.

I was a little nervous, mostly as I am a control freak and any footage of me actually moving and talking you may have seen before has been edited by me, and has therefore had any hideously embarrassing bits strategically removed. It all seemed to go as well as can be expected though in that I didn’t turn bright pink, swear a lot, faint, or completely lose the ability to speak at all.

Originally the idea for the piece was for us to go shopping and compare the sizes in different shops, but on Monday I was told the concept had changed and was asked to bring some vintage with me. I wasn’t at home on Monday, and weirdly I don’t carry my entire collection around with me at all times. Panic set in, until some lovely vintage loving ladies leapt to my rescue. I need to say a massive thank you to Fiona from Notorious Kitsch, Shona from Heyday and Naomi from Vintage Secret for leaping to my rescue and providing me with some props to talk about!

I think it’ll be an interesting series to watch (especially my bit, obviously).

So, with that piece of news out of the way, I can finally decide on who I shall bestow the frankly amazing German tourist tat that I bought back from my holidays as a present for one of you lovely, lovely folk.

I really would have bought some back for everyone, but there was only so much room in the car! So, instead I turn to to pick a number between 1 and 30 (weird how less people want a pen with a floating boat in that wanted a years supply of free shoes)

By my calculations comment number 8 was…….


Congratulations my lovely! Send me your address and a little package of quality German tourist tat will be winging it’s way to your door!

13 thoughts on “Vanity Sizing, Vintage, Claire (from Steps) and Living TV

  1. I wish I had Living TV to see this! I hate, hate, hate vanity sizing! I vary between a 10, 12, 14 and sometimes even 16 (ahem, Topshop) and it’s confusing, distressing and sometimes quite depressing to have to pick up the ‘bigger sizes’ (ahem, Topshop, again) whilst all my petite friends are wondering if they’re a 6 or an 8 all because I have boobs and hips but a small waist!

    Anyway, I hope Perdita enjoys her quality German tat :D


  3. Ooh, I shall watch out for that. I’m seriously annoyed with sizing in general at the moment as I’ve lost a bit of weight and seem to be in between sizes for jeans. My size 16 jeans keep falling down (and flashing my big knickers, much to the amusement of my children) but my thighs are still too tree-like to fit into size 14. Argh!

    You both look great in the photos. Brilliant to see a real woman’s issue being taken seriously.

  4. Oooh, how exciting! I must watch it!

    Also, Kleiner Feigling brings on such childhood/tennage memories. My sister had a giant display bottle.

  5. Penny Dreadful Vintage says:

    Hahahaha, I can’t think of anyone who could appreciate the tat more ;) x

  6. Steph (@mrs_sock) says:

    As I may have said… I used to LOVE Steps. Pure fantastic cheese. And Claire has had some stick over the years, can’t wait to watch what should be an interesting show.
    As for the tat.. I’m glad it’s gone to an appreciative new owner ;-)

  7. Congrats to Perdita! Had to take lovely things back to the shops today as a size 12 blouse is not the same as a size 12 gypsy top in New Look! How strange!!! Lol. X

  8. I love Claire! Sod the press, she’s beautiful! x

  9. Yay, how super exciting – can’t wait to see you on le telly!

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha’penny Vintage

  10. I haven’t got living,maybe it will be online to catch up with. Claire is such a gorgeous girl, I think she’s an ideal person to take up a topic like this. ‘Real’ That is what us girls want and need x

  11. ooh very exciting, please remind us when it’s due on as I’ll forget entirely! You are most welcome I do hope the patterns helped as most of my vintage clothes are US and so sizing would be totally wrong for the UK market!

  12. I remember those pens! My dad was an air traffic controller. We had them with planes!

  13. It’s rather traumatic being on the other side of the camera if you’re a blogger but it’s also extremely easy to internalise everything so I’m sure you were fine. and how exciting for you! man, I used to be such a big steps fan when I was little..