About Me.....

As the face behind Retro Chick my name is Gemma Seager. I live in Norwich, Norfolk in the UK, but I was born in Kent.

Mostly you’ll find me rambling about what I’ve been up to, wearing frocks, getting angry about vanity sizing and body image and indulging in fantasy shopping trips.

In my increasingly rare spare time I like watching Poirot, drinking Manhattans and looking at pretty things I can’t afford. I’m a big fan of full 50s frocks, picnics, crazy tights, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, platform shoes, Roller Derby, hair dye, sunny days, lipstick, pencil skirts, cocktails and cheese.

I don’t like jeans, tomatoes, running shoes when I’m not running, ugg boots, TV Talent Shows, spare ribs or early mornings.

I started this blog in 2007 to promote a now defunct eBay shop, and soon discovered it was more fun than trekking to the post office. I am now a freelance writer, social media manager and events organiser with my fingers in many pies (take a look at my portfolio!). When I’m not writing blog posts in my pyjamas and passing Facebook off as work I also play Roller Derby with the Norfolk Brawds, as number #79 Gem Warfare.

photo by Pete Florey of MDP images

photo by Pete Florey of MDP images

As a lifelong natural hoarder my house is always groaning at the seams with Boot Fair and Charity Shop vintage bargains of china, cocktail paraphernalia, 78 records and other assorted ephemera which I promise I will sort out one day. I have a particular passion for the styles of 1930s to the mid 1950s and from childhood a mild obsession with the styles and every day life of World War II.

I have an honours degree in Media & Film Studies from Southampton University and write on many topics, both on the blog and for other people. I have written a lot about Vanity Sizing and have featured in several national newspapers on this topic and made radio appearances on Women’s Hour and Moncrieff! .


I’m available to hire as a copy-writer, or public speaker on vintage inspired fashion and lifestyle, vanity sizing and body image, blogging and social media and am happy to consult with hand-picked companies on social media collaborations. Please take a look at my portfolio site for more details!

About The Blog…..

Retro Chick spent many, many years being miserable that she had to go to work in a boring office and couldn’t spend enough time with all her lovely clothes. Then one day in 2007 a wicked witch pushed her just too far and she decided to leave the Corporate Castle behind and share her love of glamour with the world.

That was a long time ago now, and over the years Retro Chick has grown into one of the UK’s leading vintage inspired fashion and lifestyle blogs. It has appeared in the UKs top 20 Fashion Blogs by Cision Media every year since 2012 and won Best Fashion Blog at the Rarely Wears Lipstick Awards in 2013. The blog has also been nominated for awards by Cosmopolitan Magazine (2011) and Company Magazine (2012),

Retro Chick focuses on the idea that glamour isn’t just for special occasions, but is something that can be enjoyed every day. I cover vintage, designer and high street fashion and style, beauty and hair, travel, food and drink, all with a focus on the glamorous, quirky, unusual or with a vintage twist

As well as Retro Chick I run several other sites:

Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra 

Which follows my sporting and health endeavors which would otherwise bore everyone here. I run and play Roller Derby and try and eat a bit healthier, mostly.

We Want All the Dresses

Simply a site for me to share dresses I love. Largely High Street and Designer, and with a vintage twist.


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If you’re interested in advertising or collaborating with Retro Chick then please visit my advertising page or drop me an email at [email protected]