Autumn Wish List

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

There’s definitely that end of Summer feeling in the air.

Even when the sun is shining it has that weak and watery feel that reminds me that the evenings are already getting darker and gives me a back to school kind of feeling.

As I sadly put away my summer frocks for another year it’s time to start thinking about those holes in my winter wardrobe that need filling and the new pieces I want to update it for another season.

Top of my wish list for Autumn to be begged, borrowed, saved up for, stolen, made or hunted down in some way are….

High Waisted Trousers

Specifically these ones from Heyday. Probably in a nice sensible seasonal grey, though Forest Green is tempting me….

Ladies Swing Trousers - £45

Fair Isle Knits

Inspired by Lena Hoschek I’ve been stalking several Fair Isle tank tops and cardigans on eBay, but they seem to be going for silly prices, meaning I am evidently not the only person with my eye on this for Autumn…..

There’s very few knits like this I can find on the High Street at the moment, maybe later in the season. But this cardigan from fits the bill. It’s from Love Label though and considering the quality of the last cardigan I got from them it makes me a little nervous. Maybe I need to try to learn to knit again.

Love Label Fairisle Cardigan £25

Circle Skirts

Because I love this skirt so much and inspired by the Louis Vuitton catwalks I find myself longing for some more circle skirts, preferably in tweeds and tartans (I’d like some pencil skirts in these fabrics too!)

Hopefully I’ve worked out how my sewing machine works and between us Mr Chick and I can figure out how to make some. If not then there’s always this one from Zara.

Zara Check Skirt £39.99

Note for Local lasses: Poppy Valentine in Norwich has just got some of these lovely wool circle skirts in. Also available online, for £59!

Curious Lily Circular Skirt £59

A Cape

I’ve wanted a cape for ages. So far I have NEVER seen a lovely cape in a Charity Shop, and considering the price of most of the ones I see this might end up staying in the realms of my dreams.

This one from Urban Outfitters is perfect though.

Hearts & Hands Check Cape £195

What’s on YOUR Autumn wish list?

6 Responses
  • Claire Forest
    September 7, 2010

    I have got my eye on those trousers from Heyday too, they are fab. I have also seen a ribbed woollen black pencil skirt in M&S that I am thinking about. I am loving the idea of a tweed skirt, there is a company in the Butt of Lewis (ha ha at the name being totally juvenile way as I have a son called Lewis) that do gorgeous tweed fabric for a reasonable price, I sewed myself a long scarf last year for about £10 when they were £25 in Zara…they have a website so try googling them. Good luck, can’t wait to see the results!

  • Fashion Limbo
    September 7, 2010

    pretty things you are coveting… I really fancy a pair of black booties with a wedge, but I’m skint so that won’t be happening.
    I also would love one of those 50s inspired dresses from Vuitton…maybe the one Daisy Lowe wore…I guess I’ll keep dreaming 🙂

  • Lottie
    September 7, 2010

    I was lucky enough to pick up a pair of Heyday trousers in a light green for £20 at Twinwood because they’d been made with the material inside out. You can’t tell, I’m shocked anyone even noticed. I was most chuffed! I’m also lucky enough to have a fantastic MiL who knits my jumpers for me.

    Sadly I won’t be needing Autumn clothing this year as San Jose is hot, hot, hot! 🙂

  • Style Eyes
    September 7, 2010

    Well mine is not such a wish list as list of stuff I have just bought whoops!

    A new fascinator, a knitted cape from Oxfam,some winter boots, a lace pencil skirt from Next, a red vintage fifties polka dot dress and a vintage beaded sleeveless top.

    Still on my list, a maxi skirt, perhaps a circle skirt (I will check out your link) and a gorgeous coat from Coast.

    In case you were interested in second hand/ vintage capes, I found some really lovely ones for my Friday Finds post last week, although I don’t think any are really cheap.

  • bonita
    September 7, 2010

    Those highwaisted trousers are lovely. I’ll keep them in mind for when fall does come around!

    bonita of Depict This!

  • LandGirl1980
    September 8, 2010

    I have been stalking items of an Autumn feel on ebay for a while now – and have struck it lucky with some tight knit jumpers. But the best place? Charity shops. Not just ANY charity shops – ones out of the town where I don’t live. It seems that Surrey has cottoned on that charity is big business and have upped their prices and downed their stock. But on a recent trip to my folks in Northants – not only were the prices what they used to be for charity items (the dress I am wearing today was only £1.75 – I actually whooped out loud!)but they had alot of seasonal bits. Might be worth having a scout out of area to see what has been donated 🙂
    That said – you cannot beat something new sometimes – and I also have my beady eye on some HeyDay trousers. If I get any good at Jive – i might treat myself 🙂