Christmas Starts Here – Birmingham Christmas Markets

Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas officially started this week as far as I’m concerned!

Don’t worry. I’m not so forward as to have done anything so foolish as put my Christmas tree up in November (I’ll be doing that tomorrow). But on Tuesday night I took a trip to Birmingham to visit their amazing Frankfurt Christmas Market. I went last year in the week before Christmas and it was great fun, so I was determined to fit in another trip this year. The opportunity happened to come up in the last week of November, rather than December, so I have decided to officially start Christmas early.

The Birmingham Christmas Markets are wonderful in the evening. They’re open till 9pm and there’s a merry go round, twinkly lights and wooden huts selling frankfurters, schnitzel, gluhwein and hot chocolate. I started the evening with a nice warming gluhwein.

❤ Beret- eBay ❤ Brooches – Vintage ❤ 1940s Faux Fur Jacket – Penny Dreadful Vintage ❤

❤ 1970s Dress – Charity Shop ❤ Shoes – New Look ❤

I also had hot apple wine. And hot Cider with rum. And winter Pimms. And some more Gluhwein because that was nicest. Hic.

In between I wandered round taking photos of sparkly things. We’ve stocked up on flavoured coffee and weird marshmallow sweets as well as buying a few Christmas presents and being  charmingly robbed by a Big Issue seller who took our £3 per copy, and then asked us if we really wanted the magazine or if he could resell it (errr.. I might try that at the next Sip & Shop, “do you really want that dress, or can I take your money and sell it to someone else?”)

The Christmas Market shuts at 9pm, by which time I was pleasantly abuzz with hot alcohol and had completely forgotten it was raining. So we headed off along Colmore Row to look for a pub called the Wellington that was recommended in the comments on Mondays post.

As promised it was a lovely pub, friendly, with a brilliant 16 real ales on tap. Woo! One of which was 9%, eek!

Wearing a stupid smirk with a pint of Black Country Ale.

It’s entirely possible that, filled with Christmas Spirit(s) we then visited 2 more pubs. One, called The Post Office Vaults, looked like a Post Office from the outside and smelt like a toilet on the inside, which was, erm, pleasant, but there was a cute dog in it. The other was called the Victoria, which was lovely and cosy, if just a little bit (a lot) hipster.

Then we retired to the hotel to watch a program about trams. Yes, trams. Not particularly festive, but very interesting none the less.

So that’s it. I’m officially in Festive mode. Which is a good job as the Advent Giveaway starts tomorrow and it’s the biggest (and most complicated to administer!) giveaway I’ve ever done, so I’m going to need some Christmas Spirit to carry me through!

If you fancy making your own festive trip to the markets then they’re open until the 22nd December. We stayed in the Birmingham City Centre Holiday Inn, which was less than half a mile away from the market, but the Holiday Inn Express is also convenient and slightly cheaper.

5 Responses
  • Vix
    November 30, 2012

    I was in the Post Office Vaults on Saturday night. The Wellington & The Vic are both fab places, too. You look gorgeous! x

  • Sandy P
    November 30, 2012

    My hubby tends to let the Big Issue sellers have the copy back he’s just paid for (in effect giving them £2…has it gone up to £3 now…I remember when it was 50p! LOL!) so if others do it then that’s why he probably asked. And if you don’t ask you never know right?? LOL!

    Our German market in Southampton is always a bit blah…I’ve seen better ones elsewhere (Bournemouths had a proper bar!) but as I’m actually late with my xmas shopping this year and it will involve a town jaunt I shall partake of the xmas market! I think maybe where you go when it’s dark and it’s all twinkly it makes it nicer…I tend to go in the morning when yesterdays rubbish is whipping past your legs. LOL!

  • Perdita
    November 30, 2012

    I’m going to a Christmas market this weekend. I will be sampling the many flavours of mulled too. 🙂

  • Sophie
    November 30, 2012

    Looks like you had a lovely time! 🙂

    I will also be visiting the Birmingham Christmas Market this year and am quite curious, as I’m originally from Frankfurt. Very much looking forward to it!

    Sophie x

  • lizziebach
    November 30, 2012

    The Wellington does some great beers, another good pub next time you go to Birmingham is The Old Joint Stock