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When Retro Chick Got To Be A Fairy

On Friday night I got to be a fairy for the evening. I had wings and everything. Last November I was a pyjama girl at a pop up shop for Vintage nightwear specialist Wake Up Little Susie. This time round the evening had a Mid Summer Nights Dream theme, so I got to make out […]

Retro Chick Goes to a Blogger Party

Leaving the house at all is a noteworthy affair at the moment. That’s because a week ago I took a tumble at Roller Derby practice, bashed my head and sprained my ankle. Which also means I have spent a large proportion of the last week like this. But, last night I did not! I had […]
Photo by Tom Gordon

See the Norfolk Brawds in Action

Remember last year I took up Roller Derby? Well after a year as a Norfolk Brawd I finally passed my Minimum Skills test and am a fully fledged team member, just waiting for my first proper Roller Derby bout. I’m really proud with what I’ve achieved in the last year, though I have a long […]

Race for Life and the Scottish Power #high5wave

Todays post is in aid of Charidee! On Monday I mentioned I ran Race for Life with the Norfolk Brawds. I signed up to do it with them weeks ago, but about a week prior to the run I got an email from Scottish Power asking me to take part on their behalf, take part […]
Norwich Cocktail Week back

Come to Norwich Cocktail Week!

So, I’m working on an exciting new project at the moment! I spend a quite worrying amount of my time drinking cocktails. I’m an equal opportunities cocktail drinker and I love everything from a long and refreshing mojito, to a short and strong Manhattan, and a lot in between. I live in Norwich, it used […]

Triumph #WomenInMaking

Today’s post is otherwise known as “Awesome Weekend Pt.3″. After leaving Old Spitalfields I jumped on the tube to shoot across to Covent Garden to pay a visit to the “pop up experiential brand space” that is Maison Triumph. This was one of those bizarre coincidence things. Triumph are currently running a competition, of sorts, […]

Festive Frolics

I’ve had so much Christmas this weekend I might need a holiday from it already. Not really! I can never have too much Christmas, it’s impossible. Totally, for the whole of December my head is full of tinsel and fa la la la la’s, but if I COULD have too much Christmas then this weekend […]
purple dms

Teenage Dreams

On Wednesday I mentioned I was going to the opening of a new Dr Martens store in Norwich. It’s the largest Dr Martens store in the UK apparently, and the launch was all sausage and mash in tiny wooden dishes and free Norfolk Ales, which is my kind of party!   But todays post isn’t […]
photographer sheringham

I Like Riding on the Choo Choo Choo

This weekend it was time to get dressed in my 40s finest and ride the steam trains. It was Sheringham 1940s weekend time again. I missed last year, so I was looking forward to riding the trains again and seeing everyone all dressed up. I didn’t actually give my outfit much thought until the day […]

We Love to Party

Friday night was the #EABloggerParty. The party that was first thought up in June with Bunn the Baker (on the left) and Feeling Stylish (in the middle) finally arrived last week! I was incredibly nervous about the evening, you never know how these things will go, and I always find hosting parties incredibly stressful, but […]

Judy’s Vintage Trader Awards

I got to be a Judge this weekend. I had a sash and a clipboard and everything. Old Spitalfields Market had invited me to judge the “Digital Thumbs Up” Award at The Judy’s Vintage Trader Awards at the monthly Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair. My fellow judge for the category was Frock n Roll Vintage. Here […]

What Are You Wearing? The Chap Olympiad 2013

The weather for this weekends Chap Olympiad in Bedford Square gardens simply couldn’t have been more glorious. Of course, this brings with it its own sartorial dilemmas, and I will say that lugging picnic baskets, umbrellas, chairs and tables across the country on the train and the tube was a terrible hot mess, and my […]

Retro Chick Goes to Glyndebourne

Do you remember about a month ago I told you I was off to the Opera for the first time? Well now I’m back from Glyndebourne Opera Festival, and no longer an opera first timer! I’ll confess I was soo nervous about it at first! I didn’t know how to get there or what happened […]

We’re Throwing a Party! #EABloggerParty

As most of you will have twigged by now, I do not live in London. Lots of people don’t realise that and I get all sorts of invitations to exciting sounding things that I can’t possibly get to because a £40 train fare is a bit much, even for a free glass of champagne and […]

A Weekend at Wyndstock

This weekend I was at Wyndstock, a “not a festival” Midsummer Ball at a stately home in Norfolk. After several days stressing about what to wear as I was sleeping in a tent and unable to predict the British “Summer” weather I finally flung everything I owned into the car on Friday night and drove […]

Off to the Opera

I’m off to the Opera! I’ve never been to the Opera before, so obviously I am dipping my toe in the water with one of the world’s top Opera festivals, Glyndebourne, which was established in 1934. I’m not unfamiliar with Glyndebourne Opera Festival, I used to work at a major public school and it was […]