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Oh No! Not More Cocktails!

I’m so sorry, I know I promised you no more Cocktails. But these ones were FREE, which is the best kind of cocktail, and they came with dinner thrown in too and it is an actual rule in my life never to turn down a free cocktail. Really On Saturday, after that long drive back […]
advent calendar 2014

Top 10 Chocolate Free Advent Calendars for 2014

It still seems horribly early to be talking about advent calendars. But in reality there’s only 25 days till you’ll be opening that first door! Last years post on advent calendars was one of my most popular posts, and I’ve noticed it starting to pop up in my stats again, so that means people are […]
cocktail week

Cocktail Week Highlights

I told you I’d be back with more Cocktails! I promise this will be the last one for a little while, as I’m pretty much cocktailed out, but this has been a big thing in my life for the last 6 months plus and it seems a shame to let it end without a little […]

The Worst Outfit Photos in the World

Ok, so maybe not the *very* worst. But today I offer you a cautionary tale of the perils of attempting to take outfit photos in a busy street on a windy day, especially when you’re in a hurry because you’re running late to sit in a pub all afternoon. ♠ Blouse – Heyday!* ♠ Skirt […]

The Night Retro Chick Drank 30 Cocktails

Ok, so I didn’t drink ALL of 30 Cocktails, but I did try 30. And I did it all while wearing a cocktail cardigan. Yes, I gave in and bought the Voodoo Vixen Cocktail cardigan from this post, funds wouldn’t quite allow for the cocktail dress as well, but I had to have one of […]

Norwich Cocktail News

Well! You remember back in April I told you about Norwich Cocktail Week? No? Well that’s ok because I shall tell you about it again as it’s now only a month away and we’ve been spending the last 4 months working hard on making it as awesome as we can! Various cities around the country […]
summer cocktail

Creating Cocktails – The Eton Mess

I’ve been all about the cocktails this Summer! Organising Norwich Cocktail Week has meant that they’ve been on my mind a lot and there have been lots of meetings trying out cocktails at bars that are involved. It’s a hard life, right? A few weeks ago I got an email from Waitrose asking me to […]
retro chick goes to london

Saturday Night (Not) At The Movies

Well, todays post was *supposed* to be about an amazing trip to Secret Cinema. However, in case you missed the memo, the first weeks screenings of Back to the Future were all cancelled, at very short notice. Leaving lots of disappointed, angry and out-of-pocket people. My trip was mostly being covered by the truly wonderful […]

5 Classic Summer Cocktails

I love a good cocktail. So much so that I’ve taken it upon myself to organise an entire week in celebration of them this October. Whilst talking to people about Norwich Cocktail Week I’ve discovered that people think of cocktails in very different ways. My wardrobe is inspired by my interest in history and vintage, […]
Norwich Cocktail Week back

Come to Norwich Cocktail Week!

So, I’m working on an exciting new project at the moment! I spend a quite worrying amount of my time drinking cocktails. I’m an equal opportunities cocktail drinker and I love everything from a long and refreshing mojito, to a short and strong Manhattan, and a lot in between. I live in Norwich, it used […]
Black Hobbs Dress

The Perfect Little Black Dress

I’ve had an amazing weekend! I hope you did too? It’s not the sort of weekend I expect to come around again, and I feel very lucky to have had such amazing opportunities all in one go. I shan’t be doing the whole weekend in one post today, don’t fear. But I shall be starting […]
bright pink hair

Pink Hair and British Tapas

For weeks now I’ve had a tube of Raspberry hair dye eyeing me from the bathroom shelf. I bought some Schwarzkopf Raspberry Rebel on an impulse. Then chickened out after dire warnings on Facebook that it would never wash out as promised. Then yesterday morning I woke up thought “Hey, why not!” So by 5pm […]

Retro Chick Reviews: King of Soho Gin

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not really a gin drinker. I used to avoid gin like the plague, and then I discovered that actually there are some gins I quite like and that not all gins are created equal. With all the botanicals and different recipes used to make them they can be as different […]
mexican dress

Breakfast in Mexico

It’s rainy, dreary, grey and windy. Welcome to Monday. And Saturday and Sunday for that matter. On Saturday I decided grey and dreary needed perking up and the only was to pretend I was on holiday in Mexico for an hour. I got this dress in September last year, and it only got one outing […]

Cocktails with Bettie Page

Last night I took my new dress out for cocktails. Ever since I came back from Las Vegas it’s been hung on the back of my bedroom door eyeing me reproachfully. “I don’t care about your coughing and spluttering” it seemed to say, “I’m a lovely dress, you owe me glamour and cocktails”. So last […]
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Top 10 2013 Advent Calendars

Looking for 2014 Advent Calendars? Click Here! Yes, it’s advent calendar time again! Regular readers might know I do one of these every year in the hope that someone will buy me one of them (often containing huge hints as to which particular one) and every year I don’t get one as they are sold […]