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Foxy Lady

This weekend the lovely Betsy Hatter got married! Mr & Mrs Hatter had a beautiful wedding at a local venue out on the country called the Keeper and the Dell. It’s a beautiful place, but very rural, so normal wedding attire and high heels were very impractical. Ballet pumps were very much the order of […]

Half Way There

Where? The end of August! I can’t quite believe that we’re half way through August already. It’s been such a hectic month. I am now seeing a physiotherapist for my sprained ankle. Heels are still out of the question and I am currently wearing a tubigrip toe to knee, which isn’t hugely photogenic, so I’m […]

On Giving Up

Giving up. It’s a bad thing, right? I mean, unless it’s smoking, drinking or junk food giving up is for the weak. Strong willed people persevere, they keep pushing, through all odds, and just keep on going. Sod that. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, partly inspired by this post on Bunn the […]

The Tropical Novelty Print Dress

At the end of last week I was browsing ASOS looking for dresses. This is not a surprise, I do this a lot, I can never afford to buy any of them, so mostly I just look and dream. But last week I fell totally in love with a tropical novelty print, and it was […]
retro chick goes to london

Saturday Night (Not) At The Movies

Well, todays post was *supposed* to be about an amazing trip to Secret Cinema. However, in case you missed the memo, the first weeks screenings of Back to the Future were all cancelled, at very short notice. Leaving lots of disappointed, angry and out-of-pocket people. My trip was mostly being covered by the truly wonderful […]

Vintage Vamp

This is my favourite outfit I’ve never even worn. I’ve had this corset since March, I know, MARCH! And I haven’t had chance to wear it out of the house yet. I’d planned to wear it when I went to Glamazon, but corsets aren’t exactly the sort of thing you just slip into in a […]

Things I Bought and a Spot of Roller Derby

So, I’m still all laid up with a sprained ankle. It’s not fun, and despite my unshakeable belief in my own magical healing powers after a week and a half it has mysteriously failed to be completely healed, almost as if the Doctor actually knew better than me when he said 4-6 weeks minimum. Humph. […]
necklace and brooch

Nautical but Nice

I hope you all had a lovely weekend? I had a busy one, and it’s continuing into a busy few weeks to come, but this particular busy weekend was all fun stuff! Sunday was my Dads 60th Birthday and we were taking him out for lunch to celebrate. I wanted something nice to wear, and […]

A Post About Nothing

Today I am mostly feeling uninspired. Blogging is a weird old thing. Sometimes it’s exciting parties (or invitations to exciting parties I can’t go to because they’re in London and I am not), glamorous events or parcels of exciting new things arriving through the post. But mostly it’s just you, sitting there at your computer, […]

A Night at The Glamazon

This is not the outfit I had planned to wear on Saturday. I had planned to wear a glorious black satin corset from Corsets UK. I’ve had it for months and had no opportunity to wear it, but the birthday party of Indigo Tattoo Studio featuring burlesque, and an Amazonian theme seemed the perfect opportunity. […]

Summer Frocks and Pies

Is it hot enough for you? I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but here it’s meltingly hot. It didn’t look that warm, then I went outside for a minute and a half and immediately came back in where it’s cool and I can see things. As it cools down later I plan […]

A Dress For All Seasons

Remember back in those dark and dreary days we call February? The days when all was grey and miserable, before we remembered that the sun WILL return? Well, back in those days I really pushed the boat out on a £12 dress because I was skint and hated my whole wardrobe. Well, now the sun […]

Race for Life and the Scottish Power #high5wave

Todays post is in aid of Charidee! On Monday I mentioned I ran Race for Life with the Norfolk Brawds. I signed up to do it with them weeks ago, but about a week prior to the run I got an email from Scottish Power asking me to take part on their behalf, take part […]

Hello! I’m Back!

How’ve you been this last week? I’m back after a lovely week off over my birthday. I’m older, but sadly not any wiser and not really enjoying the 1500 emails I have to wade through now I’ve got back! I started my break with a few days in a small cottage in Suffolk. I watched […]

The National Vintage Awards

Probably as you read this I am doing something really fun. I might be reading a book in the sunny garden with some Pimms, or by a rain spattered window with some spiked hot chocolate. Or perhaps I’m watching Poirot and drinking a Manhattan, a popular hobby of mine, or popping to the local pub […]