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seasonal blues

10 Ways to Beat the Seasonal Blues

The clocks have gone back. With that seemingly little change comes motivation sapping cold, dark evenings and long, dreary indoor days. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a properly recognised disease where depression sets in during the winter months, but even without suffering from full blown depression many people feel a bit low and lacking in energy […]

On Giving Up

Giving up. It’s a bad thing, right? I mean, unless it’s smoking, drinking or junk food giving up is for the weak. Strong willed people persevere, they keep pushing, through all odds, and just keep on going. Sod that. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, partly inspired by this post on Bunn the […]

Life Begins at 30 40 50 Today

I don’t remember being given my rule book. Maybe that’s an oversight that left us all bumbling through the world blind, making up our own rules as we go. Never fear, because apparently a diet supplement company has conducted a survey and is saving us from ever making those ridiculous mistakes like wearing high heels […]

If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body……

……Would you put it in a calendar? I’m really excited about a project I’ve just backed on Indiegogo, so I decided I would witter on about it to you guys too I am all about being body positive, and by body positive I mean being positive about ALL bodies. From teeny tiny alleged size “00” […]
Photo by David Blackwell

The Rules of Being Glamorous

Do you think you live a glamorous life? What do you think glamour is? Is it designer clothes and the latest IT bag? Is it sleeping on satin sheets and eating smoked salmon for breakfast? Is it wearing diamonds and heels to the supermarket? I’m quite devoted to bringing a bit of glamour into my […]

Recommended Reading: Body Image

So we all know I witter on about body image, clothes sizing and all that jazz a fair bit. If you don’t know that, then you can read some of my ranting here, here and here. I think that no-ones body is “flawed”, I hate the concept of wrapping your self-worth up in the number […]
photo by Miss Messie

My Vintage Confession

I have a confession to make. I’m not really a vintage blogger. When I started this blog I ran a vintage and second-hand clothing eBay shop. I posted little collages of clothes I had for sale, jazzed up with a few modern accessories, and sometimes of modern clothes given a retro look. I had the […]

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

I remember the first time I realised I was a “weird” shape. Except I didn’t really realise it at all at first. It was around 2001, I was shopping for a pair of black trousers and couldn’t get a pair to fit in a single shop. Some wouldn’t go over my thighs at all, and […]

Recommended Reading

As I sit here now it sounds pretty nasty out there. The wind is crazy and the carpark across the road appear to have changed it’s life ambition to become a lake, and it’s working really really hard to achieve it. I see lots of people are at home and not travelling due to severe […]

100 Happy Days

I’m feeling pretty darn moany at the moment. I’ve had the evil death cold from hell since before New Year, hell, it started in a mild way before Christmas! I had a fabulous time in Las Vegas, but I can’t say 2 transatlantic flights and 2 super hectic days have sped up my recovery, and […]
9 Sunshine

Top of the Retro Chick Pops 2013

As the year winds to a close I always get the urge to look back on what’s happened over the last 12 months. It’s not just me either, every December “year in review” apps pop up on  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we all enjoy reviewing our year, what’s gone well, what hasn’t, and setting […]

Figure “Flaws”, Fashion and Futility

Oh dear, Retro Chick is getting ranty about dress sizes again. I’ve written a lot on the topic of vanity sizing and our relationships with our body size, but this morning I read an article entitled “Would you rather be a ‘Marilyn’ than a size 14″ on the Guardian website and I felt the urge […]

Why I’m Tired of the Good Old Days.

Yesterday I was innocently scrolling through my Facebook feed. It’s a thing I often do when I should be doing actual work. I call it research and tell myself that I work in Social Meeja so, you know, this IS work. Anyway, while doing very important Social Meeja research yesterday I came across a photo […]

That’s Not Very Vintage

Do you think you have a signature style? My personal style has definitely evolved over the 5 or 6 years I’ve been writing this blog and recently I’ve found myself wondering about the idea of a signature style, and if I even have one. I think if I had to define my style I’d say […]

Too Old?

I’ve found myself using this phrase a bit recently. Am I too old for cute? I wondered about this outfit which I thought made me look a bit like I was off to ballet school this weekend. Am I too old to be throwing myself around the floor on my knees I wondered when I […]

The Polyester Vintage Dress Fan Club

Polyester gets a hard rap. Poor old polyester. It can make you sweaty on an unexpectedly warm day, go static if not washed and dried properly and stick to your stockings and give you static shocks when you take off your coat. So perversely I have developed a love of vintage Polyester frocks from the […]