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A Start on My Autumn Wardrobe and Boden A/W Picks

Last “chilly” season I felt pretty down about my everyday wardrobe. Everything seemed so drab and miserable and apart from a few nice “going out” outfits I felt pretty rubbish every day. This year I am so determined not to do the same thing, so I have acquired some new bits, put them together with […]

Triumph #Nigglefix

Niggle. It’s a brilliant word. It feels kinda nice to say, but it’s not such a nice thing to actually have. Niggle means to “Cause slight but persistent annoyance, discomfort, or anxiety”. Todays post is about Niggles, as Triumph are currently on a mission to fix one of women’s top daily niggle. Apparently Bras digging […]
martini cardigan

Dressing for Cocktails

There’s less than 2 weeks now to go until Norwich Cocktail Week. It’ll be the culmination of a whole years work and planning, and I know it’s going to be an amazing week, and also that I might need a liver transplant at the end of it! With 22 bars to make sure I visit […]

Fantasy Shopping for Autumn

Ah, Autumn, I can feel it in the air. While I’m convincing myself that this is still “late Summer” autumn in unavoidably on it’s way, and with it comes jackets, tights, shoes with toes in and all those other things we conveniently forgot we needed over the Summer. So today, here are just a very […]
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A Very Foxy Bag

I appear to have unintentionally developed a thing for Foxes…. Nica are a handbag company I’ve worked with before, they gave a lovely prize to last years advent calendar giveaway, and they asked me if I wanted to pick something out from their site for myself. So I had a peek, and I saw the […]
novelty prints

Friday Frock Love: Vintage Inspired Novelty Prints

I do love a novelty print. And the High Street seem to be catching onto their appeal meaning you can often find some amazing novelty prints online or in High Street stores without paying the high prices of the vintage originals. I did one of these little round ups of novelty prints last year, so […]

Top 5 Vintage Inspired Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are the ultimate in one stop dressing. Like a good dress you can just throw them on to pop to the park for a picnic, or change your shoes and accessories and take them out for a night on the town. They make a particularly good alternative to an evening dress if dresses aren’t […]

Friday Frock Love: Summer Highlights

Well, so far we’ve done ok with Summer. A few rainy days, but generally lovely sunshine, which means summer frocks galore! Hurrah! One of the things I spend a lot of time doing for All the Dresses, is, er, looking at dresses. So just in case you missed any this Summer I thought I’d do […]

Vintage Vamp

This is my favourite outfit I’ve never even worn. I’ve had this corset since March, I know, MARCH! And I haven’t had chance to wear it out of the house yet. I’d planned to wear it when I went to Glamazon, but corsets aren’t exactly the sort of thing you just slip into in a […]

Introducing Lady Luck….

Actually it’s sort of a reintroduction. I first introduced you to Lady Luck’s Boutique all the way back in 2010 when I went in and took some photos of her beautiful shop in Norwich. Over the last 4 years Lady Luck, like several other boutiques I know, has taken her shop online only, with the […]

Things I Bought and a Spot of Roller Derby

So, I’m still all laid up with a sprained ankle. It’s not fun, and despite my unshakeable belief in my own magical healing powers after a week and a half it has mysteriously failed to be completely healed, almost as if the Doctor actually knew better than me when he said 4-6 weeks minimum. Humph. […]

Vintage Inspired Sunglasses for Every Decade

So, yeah, it’s July already. But you might have just lost your sunglasses, or be thinking about replacing last years, or just fancy a new pair. I used to be a devotee of the huge 70s inspired shades. Then I found myself somehow becoming an addict of oversized cats eye shades, and I now own […]

Time for Tennis

Wimbledon starts today, hurrah! Much like the football, tennis isn’t something I follow on a regular basis. I watch it occasionally when a big tournament and a player I know is on, but I don’t cry when I miss it. However, when Wimbledon comes around I get all absorbed, eat a lot of strawberries and […]

Retro Chick Reviews: Vintage Swimwear from Bettylicious

Ah Swimwear Season. Magazines always call it that, so it must be true, but I guess it’s only swimwear season if you’ve booked a holiday somewhere nice. If you’re staying in the UK for your holidays then you’re unlikely to be popping to the shops in a swimsuit. Still, a decent swimsuit is something I’ve […]

Purple Hair and A New Compact

A few weeks ago I got the nicest email. All the way back in 2011 a company got in touch and offered to send me a vintage powder compact to review, which I did. Then while I was on holiday an email came through thanking me for my help back then in the beginning, and […]

Shop My Wardrobe!

For some time now a wardrobe clear out has been vastly over due! I have my Nana & Grampys old CC41 wardrobes, and they were certainly designed for a 1940s closet. The rail occasionally collapses under the strain of holding so many clothes. I’m afraid to say that there are things in my wardrobe that […]