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The Lazy Girls Guide to Being Ill with Style

It appears to be cold and flu season. Everyone I know is coughing, spluttering and feeling incredibly sorry for themselves. Including me today. The problem with something like a cold is that unless you work in a medical high dependency unit a bit of a cough is really not an excuse for a day off. […]

The Lazy Girls Guide To Being Cool as a Cucumber

That’s actually the opposite of how I’m feeling. I like a nice bit of sunshine. Picnics by the river. Fanning yourself gently with a sun hat as you rest in the shade while someone brings you freshly squeezed lemonade. Sunny days that feel like these pictures look. Relaxed, a gentle breeze. Lovely. Only that’s not […]
Old Hollywood Vanity - vanity

The Lazy Girls Guide to Making an Effort

We all like to look nice. We do. Our concept of what constitutes “nice” might differ, but at the end of the day when you feel like you look your best you feel good about yourself. I witter on a lot about dressing up and how no one makes an effort anymore, but the truth […]

The Lazy Girls Guide: Handbag Essentials for Glamour on the Go

The art of staying well groomed on the go is a rapidly disappearing one. It used to be that evening bags could be bought with powder compacts and lipstick holders ready built in so the means to keep yourself glamorous were always there at hand. Like this one (snapped on sale at the My Sugarland […]

The Lazy Girls Guide to Looking Like a Million When You Feel Like 20p

I’m feeling a little delicate this morning. A little too much celebration after Englands win yesterday afternoon means I’m trying not to type too loud. So, on a morning like this, one where I have to face the world while not feeling (or looking) my very best, I’m in need of a few props to […]

The Lazy Girls Guide to Perfect Summer Skin

I’m not a particular fan of being bright red, orange, or patchy like a tabby cat. This is no problem, generally. Living in the UK I’m hardly sheltering from blazing sun on a daily basis. But when the sun does shine I want to go out and enjoy it. I don’t want to stay hidden […]

The Lazy Girls Guide: How To Be A Little Princess

I’ll tell you a secret. when I was little I really wanted to be a Princess. Of course, what I had in mind wasn’t opening fetes and visiting the sick. It was more Giselle from Enchanted and less Princess Di. A bit like this. Then I grew up, and I gave up on being a […]

Camping in Comfort

Camping is an increasingly popular and budget conscious option for a holiday at home, or even abroad, but if you’re not a massive fan of rolling around in mud it can seem pretty unappealing. If you want to go camping in comfort you basically have 2 options. 1 is the not really camping at all […]