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Mad Men, Burlesque, Bohemia and Countryside

Don’t ever let anyone tell you there’s nothing to do in Norwich. Monday morning has come around again after a hugely busy and fun packed weekend! I’m sure that these posts are a lot like someone forcing you to look through all of their holiday photos, but in my head I am convincing myself that […]

Retro Chick Visits Hyper Japan

Last weekend, while I was in London, I also popped into Hyper Japan at Earls Court. I was super excited about this, mostly looking forward to checking out the Kawaii fashion section, but also because I thought they’d be some good stuff to eat. Sad I know. I was feeling super bright in the sunshine […]
retro chick goes to london

Saturday Night (Not) At The Movies

Well, todays post was *supposed* to be about an amazing trip to Secret Cinema. However, in case you missed the memo, the first weeks screenings of Back to the Future were all cancelled, at very short notice. Leaving lots of disappointed, angry and out-of-pocket people. My trip was mostly being covered by the truly wonderful […]
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My Top 10 So Vintage Finds

Or the alternative title for this would be “Awesome Weekend Pt.2″ I’ve worked with Old Spitalfields Market before when they had me down to judge an awards and they were really lovely people, and an amazing market. So when I got another email from them asking me to come down again I was quite excited! […]

Vegas Baby! – The trip home

Ok, this is my last post on Vegas, I promise! Day Three wasn’t even a full day, but it felt like I needed a round up of my trip, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I woke up to sun streaming through my curtains as I’d forgotten to close them when I stumbled back […]

Vegas Baby – Day Two

I hoped to get chance to write this before I left. But obviously I didn’t, so here it is! I’m back on English soil now, still very tired but over the jet lag and a trip to Las Vegas all seems like a bit of a dream. On the second day I’d be given the […]

Vegas Baby! – Day One…..

I’m actually just at the end of day two as I write this. But over in the UK you’re in the middle of the night on day 3 and I’ll be getting on a plane soon. Gosh time zones are confusing, which is what my body says when it wakes up at 4am every morning […]

Vegas Baby!

Guess where I am? Ok, so the title sort of gave that away. I’m in VEGAS BABY! I hadn’t mentioned it before as honestly, I didn’t truly believe it would happen, even once I was actually on the plane! There was no post yesterday as I was on an epic 21 hour trip that included […]
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Salisbury & Stonehenge

Happy Monday my lovelies! Well, it would be if I hadn’t had such a lovely weekend away that Monday is all grey and dull. This weekend I travelled all the way down the country to spend the weekend in Salisbury. I did ask on Facebook if anyone could recommend anywhere in Salisbury to visit and […]

Vintage Blackpool

Yesterday I was in Blackpool. For the first time since I was about 8. It hasn’t changed AT ALL. This post isn’t really about “vintage” Blackpool. I didn’t go to or find any vintage shops or cocktail bars, but I liked Blackpool a lot more than I expected to. It felt a bit like nothing […]
Prince Regent Cottage

A Summer Holiday in Sussex

Is anyone ever PLEASED to be back from holiday? I doubt it very much. But back I am. Boo. Caution, as ever with holiday posts this contains lots, and lots, of photos! All the way back in 2011 I talked about taking a holiday in a train, with a list of funky places where you […]

Vintage In the West Country

Well, this is goodbye. But only for a bit! I’m off on my holidays next week. I am staying in a really amazing holiday cottage, that I can’t wait to show you when I get home. I’ve also arranged some really exciting guest posts to keep you entertained while I’m away. But before I go, […]

Retro Chick Goes to Glyndebourne

Do you remember about a month ago I told you I was off to the Opera for the first time? Well now I’m back from Glyndebourne Opera Festival, and no longer an opera first timer! I’ll confess I was soo nervous about it at first! I didn’t know how to get there or what happened […]

Vintage Rotterdam

To write about Vintage Rotterdam is an odd thing. That’s because Rotterdam is a brand spanking new city of sparkling glass, concrete and high rise buildings. It has broad streets, modern artwork and vibrant nightlife, but what it doesn’t have is the old cobbled streets, quirky alleyways and ancient buildings that you find in a […]
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Pretty Nostalgic Norwich

In January I was contacted by the lovely Pretty Nostalgic Magazine. They asked me if I would write a travel piece on Norwich, a journey round it’s sights, sounds, smells and it’s independent boutiques and vintage treasures. I love the ethos of Pretty Nostalgic magazine. It produces beautiful fashion spreads and interesting articles and it […]

Vintage Leamington Spa

I love exploring new places. Too many people just jump on a plane and head off for sunny shores (though looking out of the window that doesn’t seem unappealing at the moment), yet their entire knowledge of their home country is confined to their own town and an occasional trip to London. A couple of […]