Dress Like a Firework.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ok, I have to say I’m not really a fan of Guy Fawkes Night. It’s always seemed to me that November probably isn’t really the time of year to have a festival that involves standing outside for long periods of time with hundreds of other people in a field that is now little more than a sea of mud.

Besides, it might be a British tradition, but a whole day to remember some bloke who failed to blow up the houses of Parliament seems a little redundant 400 years later.

I do, however, think fireworks are pretty, and I like all the trimmings that go with Guy Fawkes, chilli and jacket potatoes, spiced cider and fingerless gloves.

So, my advice, tomorrow night stay at home, eat chilli and watch other peoples fireworks from your backgarden.

It’s not like me to miss a chance to dress up though, and you could, of course, bring a bit of Firework loveliness into your wardrobe.

You can do this with print. Look for star burst patterns, and bright colours on a black background.


Warehouse Firework Print Bell Sleeve Dress – £33


John Lewis Women Firework Print Shift Dress, Blue/Black – £89

Or sparkle. Look for bursts of sequins or a scattering in different colours


New Look Sequin Scattered Purple Skirt from Retro Chick – £9.99


Star by Julien MacDonald Black sequin burst top – £50

Header photo by kyz

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