Getting Organised – A Peek in my Dressing Room

Friday, March 11, 2016

I shall start this post with a disclaimer. My Dressing Room is not necessarily an airy, glamorous, Pinterest worthy space.

I live in one of those “three bedroom” Victorian terraces that you get a lot of in some UK Cities. The third bedroom is off the second bedroom and suitable only for conversion to a bathroom, use as a dressing room, or as a nursery. Considering that last one certainly isn’t happening, it’s now where I keep my other baby, my wardrobe.

It’s a small space, which also contains our boiler and my Grandparents CC41 Dressing Room set of 2 wardrobes and dressing table. It’s not the most practical space for this furniture, but I am a sentimental git and therefore will never get rid of it until it completely falls apart, which may not be long!

The walls were pink when we moved in, and have stayed pink, the floor hasn’t been properly sanded and finished and there are shoes on all available surfaces and dresses hanging on all the doors, meaning it’s often very disorganised. I have been making an effort to get it a little more sorted, and eventually perhaps I will turn it into that glamorous space I have always dreamed of having.

Recently Bedroom Storage Maker sent me a perspex make-up organiserand while I was using it to organise my make up I thought it might be handy to share some dressing table storage ideas that I use so that I can actually find things in such a small and disorganised space!

Dressing Table Storage Ideas

Scarves and Necklaces

I use a coat hanger hung from under a shelf to store “dangly things” long scarves are tied around it, strings of pearls and hair bands with elastic are looped around it and long chunky necklaces with clip fastenings are fastened to it. I also looped a piece of ribbon around the coat hanger and clip hair flowers to it.

Scarf Storage Idea

Coat Hanger Storage

Delicate Necklaces

More delicate necklaces that get tangled up when stored in a jewellery box I hang on the wall. I used to have an old, scratched, 78 record with holes drilled in it attached to a piece of cork board with push pins, but it fell off the wall and broke. Now I just put push pins directly into the wall and hang my necklaces on them. I keep thinking I will buy some pretty silver push pins, but that’s just part of an ever growing list of things I never get around to so at the moment they’re just coloured plastic.

If you can’t stick pins directly into the wall then hanging a cork board and putting them in there will make less holes.


I have quite a large collection of vintage brooches and storing them has always been a problem. In a box they get jumbled together and damaged. I have seen people push them into corkboards, but that always seemed a bit space consuming. Instead I tied a long piece of ribbon to the end of my curtain rail, and pin my brooches to it.

vintage brooch storage

How to store vintage brooches

Hair Clips and other small things

Ah, hair grips, the bane of any vintage ladies life. Storing kirby grips is a headache, and if you ask Mr Chick he will tell you I store them mostly on the floor, but that is not true. They come in ugly plastic boxes when you buy them, so new storage is a must. I have 2 vintage glass dressing table sets and the little glass pots that come with them are perfect for storing hair grips. I keep my plain ones in one, and pretty ones in another. Between the 2 sets I have 4 glass pots with lids and they are also perfect for popping other small things in, like perfume samples, safety pins or earrings. As dressing table storage ideas go this is hardly new as these are vintage products, but it’s not something people seem to buy any more and the pretty glass pots are lovely to use.

My green glass set was a birthday present from my Mum & Dad, and the clear glass set came from a Boot Fair, they often show up in junk shops and antique markets and there are plenty here on eBay. I even use one of the tall clear candle holders to keep bracelets that I wear regularly on as well!

vintage glass dressing table set vintage green glass dressing table set

Make Up

This is a challenge for me and the prompt for this blog post! I did keep all my make up in a make up bag, which meant that stuff I used regularly ended up strewn across my dressing table for easy access and it often (always) looked like a small bomb had exploded in a make up factory. The only thing I had organised was my Besame lipstick selection, which live in a vintage lipstick holder. I highly recommend these if you can get your hands on one (there are several in different styles on eBay), but be aware that chunkier modern lipsticks don’t always fit the holes.

vintage lipstick holder

For the rest of my make up, the perspex make up holder is perfect, as I can see what I have, use it, then put it straight back. My Make Up bag is now only for travel, and the odd lesser used item of make up.

The storage unit has several flat drawers, perfect for eye shadows and powders, and space at the top for foundations, brushes and lots more modern lipsticks and being perspex you can easily see what’s in there.

perspex make up storage


Dressing Table Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

12 Responses
  • Mim McDonald (@crinolinerobot)
    March 11, 2016

    I love the idea of hanging brooches from a ribbon, but with two kittens, I think it would stay on the wall for five minutes tops!

    My bedroom is a mess, not helped by the fact that I moved my yarn stash in there…

  • Eirian
    March 11, 2016

    Some marvelous ideas here. I have a huge collection of brooches and I store them by sticking the pins into a globe of florists oasis (which I’ve covered with a vintage scarf first.) it’s then pushed on to an odd candlestick from a charity shop.It looks like a small bouquet of gems….

    • Gemma
      March 11, 2016

      That’s such a cute idea! I’m not sure I have space for that to stand on a surface though!

  • Suzanne
    March 11, 2016

    I love that idea for the brooches. You can see them all like that.


  • Rachel
    March 11, 2016

    I do the same thing with my scarves and hang them up tied onto a hanger – it’s nice to see them hanging up instead of stuffed in a drawer. I’ve never come across the lipstick holder before – its gorgeous! Your Besame’s look lovely in it! I think I’ll be stealing your brooch on a ribbon idea 😉 xxx

  • Laura
    March 11, 2016

    aw, i love your dressing room. it sounds and looks like it has a lot of character which i love about any room! and i love the vintage lipstick holder and glassware, so pretty! i recently organised my make-up into a wooden cutlery tray that my dad’s made, haha, and it’s actually quite handy! xx

  • Jessica
    March 12, 2016

    I love how your dressing room is arranged, I think being able to see what you have makes you more likely to use it. Feel like I can justify buying more jewelry now!

  • Ann
    March 12, 2016

    Great post! I always love reading about other people’s storage ideas. xxx

  • Ev
    March 12, 2016

    Nice post 🙂


  • Rachel
    March 18, 2016

    I love seeing how others organize their wardrobes and this is such a cute space and I love how you organized it all. I don’t even have a vanity with make up space but this makes me want one. I hang my necklaces and some earrings on cork boards with hooks I made awhile back.
    Thank you for linking up to “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me” I hope you can link up again next Tuesday or week.
    Rachel xo

  • Jo Hutchinson
    March 19, 2016

    This looks so handy and you can see where everything is rather than having to rummage.

  • Fiona jk42
    March 25, 2016

    I use a loose-weave decorative tape to store earrings. The tape is draped across my dressing table mirror and held in place with small tacks. It is easy to push the earrings through the tape and that way I can make sure that the pairs stay together.