What Are You Wearing? An Outfit Inspired By…..

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This outfit has been a long time in the making.

One of the things about being permanently on a budget of zero is you have to be patient. If there’s something you really want you can’t just pop to the shops and buy a £50 jumper, you need to hunt it down as cheap as possible, investigate unlikely sources and be prepared to compromise.

All the way back at the end of August, when Autumn was only just threatening to rear it’s chilly head, I wrote about Lena Hoschek and her vintage inspired Autumn Winter collection. The collection was full of Tweeds, Tartans, Fair Isle knits and flat caps. Menswear translated into the most feminine outfits.

Like this.

I almost instantly started trawling eBay and Charity Shops for Fair Isle Knits and turned up nothing in my price range. Seriously, jumpers are going for £50 on eBay. I don’t spend that much on a jumper unless it’s made of gold.

Then on Saturday I popped into a Charity Shop in Cambridge, and there it was for just £4. It’s not fair isle, but it gives the right overall look. So 2 months in the making here it is. My Lena Hoschek inspired outfit for chilly winter days.

I might even wear it with a cravat next time, it was only because I’m in Birmingham and Mr Chicks cravats are all in Norwich that I’m not in these pictures.

❤ Beret - eBay ❤ Blouse - Gap ❤ Jumper - Calvin Klein Jeans via a Charity Shop ❤
❤ Skirt - Lady K Loves ❤ Tights - New Look ❤ Shoes - Bertie via eBay ❤
❤ Coat - Principles via eBay ❤ Bag - Vintage ❤

You should probably get used to seeing berets too as I have just discovered that I can tuck all my hair inside it, do a quick fringe roll and every one thinks I’ve made some kind of massive effort. They are the little black dress of head wear and I intend to track down more in more colours, I won’t need to brush my hair until April, Wooo hoo!

As I am in Birmingham I shall leave you today with a picture I took on my wanders. It’s not of some of the amazing statuary that’s dotted around the city, it’s of a shopping centre. What’s so interesting about a shopping centre I hear you ask?

Well, this one has pink lights. I liked it anyway.

16 Responses
  • LandGirl1980
    November 17, 2010

    All good things come to those who wait! Hurrah for a super saving and a smasher of an outfit! Loving the pink tights 🙂

  • Dial V for Vintage
    November 17, 2010

    Very elegant!

  • FashionGeorge
    November 17, 2010

    It reminds me a bit of the 40s und early 50s influencies. Really amazing! Fits perfectly into today…as a fashion highlight. Marvelous! George x

  • Miss Peelpants
    November 17, 2010

    I too love berets. What a splendid ensemble you have put together there; I love New Look tights (I have a damson shaded pair and I get gawped at wherever I go…)

  • Mim
    November 17, 2010

    Lovely outfit! The colours all look superb together.

  • Penny Dreadful Vintage
    November 17, 2010

    The is one of my favourite of your outfits, well done. I have the same troubles with fairisle, it is so pricey. And I am lusting after a red coat right now which is £100… I want it SO much, but just can’t spend that much. So, scouring ebay for similar coats that I can add the requisite faux fur collar and bow to myself. Le sigh.

  • Amy
    November 17, 2010

    You look super cute. The outfit was worth the wait!


  • kerry
    November 17, 2010

    I am a big fan of berets. Perfect to pin a broach on and change the look instantly.

  • Fashion Limbo
    November 17, 2010

    Just a quick comment before I head to bed…but I love the pink lights in the shopping centre!!
    Great outfit, and yes I too need to find a decent (and really cheap) beret to cover my bad hair days – that may be the only reason to like winter, covering up disasters! 🙂

  • Lady Cherry
    November 17, 2010

    Lovely outfit! Definitely worth waiting for. I love that little mall too, very cute!

  • bonita
    November 17, 2010

    ~ * ♥ * ~

    Hats are such a life saver for covering up bad hair days! I like your beret, it looks great on you. For myself I love trilbys and fedoras for covering the worst of it.

    Down side is you can’t do anything under them so they have to stay on.

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  • Leanne
    November 17, 2010

    I love the fact you have created a much cheaper alternative to the catwalk and it looks fabulous on you too!

    Beautifully done =)


  • melina bee
    November 17, 2010

    obviously the lighting director of the center took a cue from your tights yes?

  • Vix
    November 18, 2010

    Fabulous! You look like a minxy spy. I wish I looked that good in a beret.
    I used to walk through that arcade every morning on my way to work. xxx

  • Angela Deaton
    November 18, 2010

    Oh my gosh no way have you not seen Mad Men!! With your style you could seriously walk onto that show!!!
    I love this outfit, it is fabulous as always!


  • Pia
    November 22, 2010

    Lena Hoschek makes me proud to be Austrian!

    Fantastic outfit – I love berets, I wear them all the time in winter but I have never tried out a roll and a beret. Need to try!