What are you wearing? Leopard Print

Friday, February 1, 2013

Last week I asked on my Facebook page what people thought of leopard print.

The overwhelming opinion seemed to LOVE, if it’s done right.

One of the reasons I asked was that just after Christmas Debenhams asked me if I wanted to “review” something from their website.

So I sat and did a bit of fantasy shopping and decided to choose something I would probably never buy myself and picked out these leopard print shoes.

I’ve never been a particular fan of leopard print. On some people it looks fabulous, but I always felt more Bet Lynch about it. Then  I saw this picture of Dita Von Teese looking her usual elegant self in leopard print accessories and it’s been on mind to give it a try.

Dita von Teese Leopard Print

So today I’ve given leopard print it’s first proper try. I thought I’d go for all black, and very simple. A V neck jumper and a pencil skirt with black tights.

A brooch for a splash of colour, no red lips and simple, uncurled, hair with a tortoiseshell hairband.


❤ Hair Band – Primark ❤ Jumper – Tu at Sainsburys ❤
❤Pencil Skirt – Vintage via a Charity Shop ❤ Brooch – Vintage ❤ Shoes – Dune ❤


Looking at the pictures I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. I think it’s nearly there, I think the black tights, which I thought might make the leopard print less brash actually have the opposite effect. Next time I’ll try nude stockings.

I also think maybe the pencil skirt is a little too fitted and maybe next time I’ll try it with a looser dress but go for all out vintage glamour with red lips and curled hair.


Still, I love the shoes, and I think I’ll definitely be experimenting with them a bit more till I get it right.

What do you think of leopard print?

14 Responses
  • Incendiary Blonde
    February 1, 2013

    That green dress and bakelite that Dita is wearing….WANT!!!!!!!!!! I love leopard print, and quick flash of it on shoes or accessories is an excellent way to jazz up an outfit!

  • Jody
    February 1, 2013

    I have to admit that I am not reallya fan of leopardskin, but I actually quite the effect against the black tights, especially as the whole outfit it black. :o)

  • Perdita
    February 1, 2013

    I find leopard print very useful and I love it. I usually use it like you have here, combined with plain black, beige or brown. Another way it is useful is as a ‘bridge’ between brown and gold or black tones which can be hard to match. E.g. a beige jacket and black trousers with a leopard print top or scarf.

    • Gemma
      February 1, 2013

      Yes, I’ve seen people use it really well as a bridge with brown and black.I thought about looking for a matching leopard print bag. I’m still a bit obsessed with that Dita picture!

  • Honor
    February 1, 2013

    Love leopard print and love the shoes! I think a bit more leopard print somewhere else would pull it together, and red lips, done hair…. 🙂 It’ll be perfect

  • Faith
    February 1, 2013

    I totally agree that leopard print can look rather Bet Lynch. It has an amazing ability to look really trashy but I think that’s more from association than anything in and of itself. If its confined to one item in an outfit (shoes, a belt, a hat etc.) it looks really good but I don’t think I’d ever go the whole hog and wear a leopard print garment.

  • Cerridwyn
    February 1, 2013

    For better or worse, I adore leopard print. My vintage cropped leopard jacket with the matching pillbox hat and purse make me ridiculously happy. I like mixing leopard with red or green instead of just basic black. I agree that leopard can look trashy, but it can also look luxe, and it’s a lot of fun. When I’m a senior lady, I plan on wearing outrageous amounts of leopard 🙂

  • Nid
    February 2, 2013

    You look fab, I think the black sets off leopard print rather than tones it down, so if you’re feeling brave try a block of colour a la Dita instead. Her sunglasses and bag complete the outfit so well. Loving the shoes – I have these too and am looking forward to playing with a few looks.

  • ooobop!
    February 3, 2013

    I don’t think I will every grow out of leopard print. I didn’t realize quite how much I had till I read this! Those shoes look fabulous on you. It definitely works as a touch rather than full on. And of course if it’s good enough for Dita…!

  • Natalie@ Quirky Vintage
    February 3, 2013

    OMG she’s gone blonde! and it suits you too 🙂 nice outfit. I love the shoes. I like to wear leopard print with black and red, and maybe white

  • Donna Watson
    February 3, 2013

    Love the whole look, but I agree with you that nude tights would look much better 🙂

  • Rosie Alia
    February 6, 2013

    I adore a bit of leopard print! I used to wear it a lot in my punky days….then nothing for years, but now I’m venturing back into it. I am a bit obsessed with pairing leopard print with green (as in the Dita photo), so when I purchased the Heyday leopard Mary (I think the leopard print looks quite fab in this 40’s style dress), I also bought a green narrow belt and green cropped cardigan to wear it with.
    I think the shoes look lovely on you, and would be just perfect with a little matching leopard bag and a slick of red lipstick!
    xx Ps your hair is looking lovely and blonde!

  • Missy Vintage
    February 7, 2013

    I adore animal print, some might say I wear too much of it but I don’t care! ,My current favourite piece is a pencil skirt but my fave scarf and hat are animal print so at the moment I’m pretty much wearing something big cat like most days!

  • Lori Smith (@lipsticklori)
    February 7, 2013

    I was ogling the round-toed version of those shoes just the other day. For years I thought my friend Honey Schnapps was a bit crazy when she said that leopard print was a neautral, but then I panic bought some leopard flats from Accessorise one day when my feet hurt and was completely converted. You *totally* carry it off, my dear. A leopard print scarf in the hair and red lippy would make this look perfect 🙂