Playing With My New Toy

Monday, January 30, 2017

Mondays is normally outfit post day.

No particular reason, it just often works out that over the weekend I have left the house wearing clothes and Monday seems a convenient time to share. Sometimes they’re very boring outfits, other times they’re fancy outfits, it’s nice to have a mix. Other times, of course, I might do something fancy during the week and then there might be another outfit post.

So, this weekend I headed out in glorious sunshine to cover the First Aid at a Roller Derby game. I was wearing practical clothing, just in case I should happen to need to crawl around on the floor and patch someone up. It was such a lovely day, I was even wearing sunglasses, that I thought I might take photos of my outfit later that afternoon on my way to the pub, no matter how boring and practical.

Obviously that meant that within an hour a persistent drizzly rain had started to fall, and it settled in for the afternoon so that by 3pm when I was on my way to a meeting (at the pub, it is Sunday) it was pretty much dark already.

Not to be dissuaded I thought this seemed like a perfect opportunity to play with my NEW TOY and take indoor photos.

Ostensibly this new toy was bought for Mr Chick so we could take beautifully lit product photos for Etsy. However, these softbox lights have been on my wishlist for a while as something that I could use to take indoor outfit photos on dull grey days. The sort of photos that would be perfect for those Work, Rest & Play posts that I had to give up on because of the terrible lighting and the impracticality of keep running outside to to take photos after every outfit change.

I was quite pleased with how they came out. They are far less grainy and took a lot less post processing than my previous indoor attempts.

They’re not perfect. There’s still a lot of work to be done, and a lot of it involves completely redecorating the room they were taken in which is a room we still haven’t decorated since we moved in 4 years ago, and also the only room with enough space to take photos. I need to work on the best place to position the lights, and also the best way to brighten them up further in Photoshop without it being too BRIGHT!

So, yeah. Today here is a very boring outfit I wore to do First Aid in, complete with huge leopard print shawl as it was very chilly with the doors open so the skaters didn’t overheat. The photos would have been way more fun taken with a nice background on the way to the pub. But at least I got to play with my new toy.

♥ Black Shucks Roller Derby T-Shirt with the neck cut out bardot style
Black Capri Pants – ASOS ♥ Black suede shoes – Hotter* ♥
♥Leopard Shawl – Don’t remember ♥


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4 Responses
  • kanchan
    January 31, 2017

    No matter the ups and downs in life, but still keeps you out of fashion are all in true
    Looking cute and pretty in this dresses up also…..!!!!!

  • Mim McDonald (@crinolinerobot)
    February 1, 2017

    Great start! Stand further forward from the wall, if you can, and make sure you’re shooting with a wide aperture – this will help blur out any imperfections in the wall. And depending on how many lights you have, if you can aim one at the wall (not at you), the light will brighten the wall and, again, clear up any imperfections and reduce your shadow on the wall.

    • Gemma
      February 1, 2017

      Thanks! Good tips! I probably can stand a bit further forward. The space is limited, but I can move the lights back a bit!

      • Mim McDonald (@crinolinerobot)
        February 1, 2017

        If you do aim one at the wall, it needs to be between you and the wall. (But it can be aimed from the side, it doesn’t have to be straight on.)

        Are you using flashlights or continuous LEDs?

        I know what to do, I just never bother myself, hence my usual rubbish photos.