Seaside Style

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

There’s no time like Autumn to take a trip to the seaside.

All the Summer crowds are gone and you can often have the place completely to yourself, while still enjoying fish and chips on a windswept pier. I think there’s something quite melancholy about the seaside out of season. But in a good way that I find very relaxing.

Over the weekend Mr Chick and I went to Southwold to run in the Adnams Southwold 10k. As promised, I shan’t bore you with all the details of that here, but you can read about it on Lipstick, Letuce and Lycra . I do have a rather natty new running top that looks like a Fairisle Jumper so it’s worth a peek!

After the race was over we decided not to head back to Norwich, but to check into a pub with rooms and spend the night by the sea. We stayed at The Bell Inn in Walberswick, which was nice enough, though the room was, err, compact to say the least. We went for a twilight walk by the harbour, I had a suitably nautical outfit to wear (and an inexplicably stupid look on my face in every photo we took).

❤ Jumper – Tu @Sainsburys ❤ Trousers – Heyday ❤ Shoes – Clarks ❤

❤ Watch – c/o Daniel Wellington ❤ Bag – c/o JiJiKiKi ❤

Southwold and Walberswick are not cheap places to stay, they are full of terribly posh people with lots of money and thus sausage and mash in the Bell Inn is £11, despite being “just a pub”. However, it is a beautiful village when not packed with tourists. There are two pubs, both serving good beer. The Anchor Inn was where we retired after our harbour walk to drink beer by the fire and enjoy the free Wi Fi (not too rural thanks, I have pictures to instagram)

It was a lovely way to start a working Monday with another walk along the harbour, and a relaxed breakfast in a dining room that served buckets of coffee with big windows to take in the view.

I had to race back to Norwich as I had to be at a photoshoot for a new event in Norwich called Cocktails and Confusion which I’m pant-wettingly excited about!

I was on Hair and Make Up duties for a 20s and 30s inspired photoshoot. Missy Vintage and I were representing the Historical Sauces to make up 3 female and 2 male models. I should be able to show you some official photos in December, but for now here are a couple of instagram shots, I can’t wait to see the real thing!

6 Responses
  • Perdita
    November 21, 2012

    LOVE that outfit. The trousers and shoes work just perfectly together.

    My mum calls pubs like that ‘lollo rosso pubs’ (i.e. they call the salad garnish ‘lollo rosso’ – even though everyone can get such a salad in Tesco these days – and inflate the price as if they are gastro). She gets quite incensed about them.

  • Giselle
    November 21, 2012

    Very cute nautical outfit. I’m looking forward to seeing the official pictures from the photoshoot. =)

  • Liz
    November 21, 2012

    Love love your outfits, in all your posts. I want a pair of sailor pants so bad but being 6’1 is making that a bit of a challenge, but I will not give up 🙂 I also love how you and Mr. chick enjoy a nice pub and a nice beer, as do my husband and I. But our pubs are nearly as cool as yours (good old, plain Canadian pubs where I live lol!). Keep up the good posts my girlfriends and I love reading them.

  • LandGirl1980
    November 21, 2012

    I do so love the seaside outta season 🙂 You look fab – as per!

  • Franca
    November 21, 2012

    lovely photos and great outfit! I’d love a nice stay near the seaside myself!

  • Sadie
    November 22, 2012

    Love the outfit. Very nautical chic! I absolutely love the seaside out of season. It’s so romantic.