The Winners Are…..

Monday, January 4, 2016

Oh, it’s like the Monday to end all Mondays.

Is there any Monday worse than the very first Monday back at work after almost 2 weeks of total laziness?

Well, hopefully at least 24 of you will have a slightly brighter day if you check your email, because I’ve sent you all messages to let you know if you’re a winner in the Advent Calendar giveaway!

I shall ease myself back into the task of remembering how to write about things that aren’t Christmas by announcing the winners, though I am also in the middle of putting together a round of some nice sale dresses over on All the Dresses! It pretty much takes the whole day emailing and then passing on the details, so I won’t have time for much else.

Day One: A bag of your choice up to £60 from Vendula London.
Winner: Irene Jackson

Day Two: A Pair of Babyliss 3Q Straighteners
Winner: Alica Hopkins

Day Three: Glitter Punk Stag Necklace
Winner: Jodi Hill

Day Four: £50 to spend at Dolly & Dotty
Winner: Angela Webster

Day Five: A Hotel Chocolat Christmas Wreath Box
Winner: Kimberley Ryan

Day Six: £30 to spend on vintage at What’s Your Tale Nightingale
Winner: Emily Clark

Day Seven: A bottle of Tanqueray and a Smythson Notebook
Winner: Vicky Prodrick

Day Eight: Vintage Bargello Embroidered Necklace
Winner: Natalie Crossan

Day Nine: 1940s Grable Tea Dress from House of Foxy
Winner: Pauline Black

Day Ten: A fox cushion from Nellys Treasures
Winner: Jen Joesbury

Day Eleven: PAPERSELF Rose Garden Lashes and Temporary tattoos
Winner: Karen Ries

Day Twelve: Vintage Hair Styling package from Wacky Tuna
Winner: Emily

Day Thirteen: Rabbit & Penguin brooches from PinPinFinds
Winner: Amanda Steel

Day Fourteen: A silk scarf and crystal jewellery set worth £75
Winner: Shannon

Day Fifteen: A Faux Fur Collar from House of Handmade
Winner: Christine Westlake

Day Sixteen: A Piece of Original Art Work from Kaitlin Ferguson
Winner: Richard Taylor

Day Seventeen: £25 to spend at Abilu Creations
Winner: Lucy Chester

Day Eighteen: A selection of hair scarves and flowers from Bad Kitty
Winner: Rachel Stirrat

Day Nineteen: A Vintage Bed Time Set from Wake Up Little Susie
Winner: Carolyn Gibbeson

Day Twenty: £30 to spend at Triumph
Winner: Heather Oliver

Day Twenty One: A Snowflake Hair Piece from Lady Lucks Boutique
Winner: Deborah Scriven

Day Twenty Two: An Instant shape Corset from Corset Story
Winner: Sarah Tilley

Day Twenty Three: A Mini Play Purse
Winner: Emma Youens

Day Twenty Four: £50 to spend at Collectif
Winner: Angie Hoggett

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