Vintage Girls Party Season Survival Kit

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I expect your doormat is aflutter with gilt-edged invitations?

No? But surely your mantelpiece is groaning from the weight of all those heavy embossed cards you’ve received? No?

When I used to read Women’s magazine a lot I was somehow under the impression that everyone but me spent the entire of December in a social whirl of the sort of parties that involved special invitations with swirly letters. I worried that all I had to look forward to was some warm white wine at the Office Christmas party.

Now I am older, wiser, and very rarely read Women’s magazines I have realised it’s a lot more subtle than that. Incidences of post work drinks might increase slightly, there’s more chance of your hairdresser offering you mulled wine instead of tea or coffee, shops fling open their doors and entice you in with the promise of fizzy wine in a plastic cup and a free mince pie, a general party atmosphere prevails that results in the occasional unplanned trip into hangover hell. I have already written the Lazy Girls Guide to Dealing With a Hangover, and there are some very handy hints in there to fool the world you’re not dying, when really you are.

Today I thought I’d share a few wonder products to add to your party season survival kit to make you look and feel a little less awful and a lot more awesome.

Elizabethan Herbal Clear Head Salt Bath – £9

I first came across this particular one when I had a terrible hangover at one of the Sip & Shops. The Clear Head Salt Bath contains tea tree, mint and eucalyptus. Put some in a bath, then carry a little pot around with you to sniff as well. Amazing stuff

Besame Rouge – £22

If there was ever a product that made you look healthy when you’re not, it’s Besame Rouge. A tiny bit gives your lips and cheeks colour, and it smells nice and comes in a pretty tin.

The BB Cream below, a touch of this on lips and cheeks, plus defined brows and lips will give you a polished vintage lady look without a lot of effort.

Gosh BB Cream – £9.99

BB Creams were apparently originally formulated by a German dermatologist in the 1960s to protect patients skin after surgery. That may be the case but their formula is probably significantly different these days! I think they are essentially what we used to call tinted moisturiser in the 90s, but with a better formulation. I’ve tried a few, and my favourite so far is the Gosh BB cream. It’s formulation adapts to your skin tone, and I think it probably does as I would normally expect a beige to be too yellow for me, but this is fine. It’ll rehydrate your poor alcohol abused skin, provide protection from the sun, and cover up dark circles without clinging to fine lines.

Berocca Boost – £5.99

Not in the slightest bit vintage. Though it’s been around since the 80s, so I could crowbar that in. It is ace for perking you up without caffeine and sugar though, as long as you can deal with the orange wee (eugh)

Batiste Dry Shampoo – from £1.99

There’s a gazillion different types and fragrances of this now, but which ever one you choose they are perfect for perking up limp and/or greasy locks that you didn’t carefully put in pincurls and a hair net last night because you were “tipsy”

Do you have any post party essentials?

5 Responses
  • Perdita
    November 28, 2012

    Does coffee and an egg-n-bacon bap count? 😉

    In all seriousness I find a little tiger balm/vicks under my nose, optrex drops and a walk out early somewhere cold sorts me out (the cold, which I hate, cancels out the hangover). Also I swear by BB cream – the thickest (and thus best for hellish hungover days) on a budget I’ve found is ViVo from Tescos.

    Oh, and I pencil my eyebrows but no eyeliner… draw the eyes up AWAY from the sunken shadowy puffy area!

    • Gemma
      November 28, 2012

      I think there’s an argument for lots of eyeliner sometimes. Pretend you meant to look dark eyed!

  • Cherise
    November 28, 2012

    Long hot shower, a pizza and a big cup (or should I say bucket) of Mate -tea work wonders 🙂

  • Food, Fash, Fit
    November 28, 2012

    I was the same as a kid! I always thought there would be a non-stop flurry of parties and high heels wearing activities all throughout December… Now I know better but I still dream about it. In reality I’d probably hate it, but the image is so enchanting!

    Anyway, I just need a big mug of tea and a lie-in. And possibly migralieve! Post-party I don’t do anything except go to bed after giving my face a good wash. I’m proud to say ever since I was a teen, I’ve never gone to bed with a dirty face or wearing make up. There’s something to be said for having oily skin, I guess – you never pass up a chance to give it a good wash!

  • Missy Vintage
    November 29, 2012

    I’ve never tried a BB cream before, will have to check that out. I can second the amazingness of the Elizabethan Herbal bath salts and the power of Batiste. I also love to add volume to my hair with some volumising powder, perfect for boosting hair you just can’t be bothered to wash the next day but you have to go out. I also swear by eye drops to pep up my tired eyes and for just after the party I always have face wipes by the bed, because know I will be to lazy/tipsy to take my make up off with cleanser etc.